How I Made $119.42 Blogging in December 2018

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I‘m so happy when I write this post because this is my first income report from my blog. I started my blog two months ago, and I would never expect to make some money as quickly as I did. I know $119.42 is not a lot, but I’m just glad that I manage to earn money blogging. You may wonder why I would want to publish my income report each month. It all started when I found Michelle’s blog (Making Sense Of Cents), a few months ago and not only that she was able to pay off $38,000 in student loans in just a few months, but she also makes over $100,000 just by blogging each month. Back then I was thinking is worth to give a try and in the worst case, I would just lose some money which I paid for hosting and the domain for my blog. It turns out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I only 12 posts and already made back the money I paid for my blog. If you are interested to start your own blog, here you can find a tutorial about how I started my blog. Or you can skip the tutorial and go directly on Bluehost and get your blog right now. First thing I did was to apply for a few Affiliate Programs. And then I just promoted my content on Pinterest.

Here it is exactly how I made $119.42 in December with my blog:

Affiliate income – $119.42 total: 

Currently, affiliate income is my only income source from my blog, but I plan to add some other forms of income streams in the future. I’m also working on my Shopify Store and my Etsy Store will keep you update with my results from there too.

The conclusion is that anyone can start a blog these days and make money. It’s very simple and you don’t need any special skills to do it.

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