How To Make a Party On a Budget

Last Updated on September 22, 2020 by Road To Free Life

Whether it’s your birthday, a family event, or planning a surprise party for someone you love, a party besides fun also involves a lot of hassle.

To begin with, it is essential to set some priorities. It is not a stereotype: The success of a party depends in its planning.

Think about it. What matters most to you?




It’s okay to spend a little more on what you consider a priority, but don’t get carried away. Put it on paper and see if there are cheaper alternatives. For example, to save your budget, you can make your own decorations or you can ask your friends for help. Crepe paper artwork will match perfectly with colored or black balloons on which you can write various messages. Choose simple invitations because we are not talking about a wedding or a formal event, you do not need paper invitations. Instead, you can send emails with nice messages. If everyone you expect at the party is on Facebook, create an event page where you can ask for their opinion on the menu or music preferences. Arrange a special place for pictures with party accessories. It’s simple and cheap. You don’t have to spend a fortune to rent a photo booth. Instead, buy some party accessories – super funny party prop sets – and let the guests get used to them. You can choose from a huge range of props, depending on the theme of the party. On you can find many accessories to make your event memorable.


Some of my recommendations:
Shiny Metallic Gold Plastic Forks

Gold Lace Rim Plastic Appetizer/Salad Plates

12 oz. Clear with Metallic Silver Rim Round Tumblers
Smarty Had A Party

Cheap food

For a fun and less formal party, you don’t need to impress your guests with pieces of expensive meat, placed with great pomp in the plates. Instead, you can offer consistent, varied, and delicious appetizers. Are you still on a budget? Then how about you prepare the dessert yourself? Guests will be delighted to taste something prepared by you. If you are not very creative or do not have enough time to prepare some nice trays, I have some page suggestions that will definitely help you.

Instagram accounts: @soyummy,

Youtube: Tasty   

Have a great time with your family or friends and remember “party hard or go home”.



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