I made this resource page to recommend products, and companies that I use and I know are valuable and worth using. You can quickly find great products and services here.  I constantly update this list.

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Bluehost is my hosting platform for all of my websites including this one.

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies in 2020 and you can start your own blog with them for as low as $3.95 a month (only available through this link)! Also, if you sign up now using this link, then you will get your domain for free if you purchase a 12 month or longer hosting plan (a $15 value).

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Convertkit is my only email marketing platform.

ConvertKit is my favorite email marketing platform. After trying multiple email marketing platform I decided to stick with ConvertKit because it’s exactly what a content creator use. The platform is made very user-friendly and you can deliver content specific to each subscriber according to their needs.

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Mate #1  FOR Internet Provider

Mate is my internet provider

Mate is the best internet provider I ever used. For just $59 a month you get unlimited internet. If you register through my link you get a 1-month risk free guarantee.

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Udemy #1  FOR LEARning platform

Udemy is my first choice as a learning platform

Udemy is my favorite place to go when I need to learn something new. Here you can find amazing courses for affordable prices or even free.

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Tailwind #1  FOR Planning tool

Tailwind is my schedule tool

 Tailwind allows you to schedule your Pinterest pins and look at the analytics related to that so that you can see what is working and what is not. It saves me a ton of time and allows me to grow my blog with minimal work.

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WebHostingPad #2  FOR Website Hosting

WebHostingPad was my hosting platform

WebHostingPad is another web hosting company where you can start your own blog. I used it in the past because is a less expensive choice starting at just $2.99 a month. It’s great if you just starting.