How Cars Keep You Poor – And How To Change That

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Cars became widely available for a little more than a century and become an integral part of American society. Car companies spent $47 billion in 2015 just on advertising and that number is rising every year. When it comes to a car add you may think of freedom, security, love from your family and friends, envy from neighbors. Unfortunately, they’re more likely to take your freedom security away. For a new car, first you have to borrow the money on interest, then it there will be a maintenance cost, and on top of that, the car will be drastically depreciated in value.
A new car will depreciate 63% in the first 5 years.


The next graphic will show you exactly how a medium price car drops the value from $34,968 to $12,938 after 5 years.


As you can see, calling cars a “bad investment” is not right, just because they’re not an investment at all. Leasing is not an option to get out of this. Leasing companies set their prices so you will pay for the depreciation of their vehicle, and when it’s over they still have an asset to re-sell.

Here a few tips that will set you on the right Road To Free Life

1. Buy a car that’s at least 5 years old

In this way, you’re skipping the majority of its depreciation.

2. Save money to buy a car in cash

You don’t want to pay interest on something that loses value. It’s like gaining weight from exercising.

3. Chose a car that fits your needs

Before you start browsing for the ‘one’, think about what you really NEED from a new car. There’s no point buying a two-seater convertible if you’re about to start a family.

4. Search for the car online

Online broker prices could be 20% cheaper than dealerships and you can find a hundred or thousands of cars for sale just by making a quick online search.

What car do you own and what are your costs?

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