8 Things To Invest In Your Blog For Less Than $100

You just started a blog, and that’s great. You keep gaining knowledge with every post read online. This article contains a good piece of advice that can actually help your blog grow very fast. Before I started my blog, I probably read hundreds of articles about how to start a blog and how to grow it. And I can say that even if that was extremely time consuming, I enjoy it a lot and I manage to make my first money blogging after just 2 months. To help you save a lot of hours reading many articles and searching for answers online, I made a list of the things that I consider that every blogger should invest in their blog.

The truth is that if you want to make money with your blog, you have to spend some money first. But blogging is one of the most inexpensive models to make money online. It can be done by everyone, even if you have a day job or you are a stay home individual whether mom, girl, boy, dad, grandfather or even an adult and you are looking to make money by spending few hours every day then you are going to make this.

It is totally possible.

I have made a few mistakes in terms of time and money, but it is okay to make mistakes as this is how we all learn and grow.

Here are some things to invest in your blog that are almost less than $100.


The first most important investment is web-hosting.  A self-hosted blog allows you to put adds on your website through different ad networks and make money. On a self-hosted blog, you have the entire ownership of your website and nobody has any control over that. The basic plan of a self-hosted website with Bluehost starts at only $3.95/month. With proper blog planning, content structure, and content marketing you can retrieve this investment quickly. I made a tutorial about how you can make a blog, so you definitely have to check if you’re interested.


You can get your domain name for FREE if you purchase the hosting from Bluehost (only available through this link). Otherwise, you can buy a .com domain for $11.99/yr.


A simple but profession logo design will make your blog stand out and get a unique identity. You can get a professional logo design from Fiverr. This is a top place to hire freelancers in an affordable rate. You can hire a graphic designer for $5-$100, but keep in mind that the more you pay, the more chances you get for a better logo.


If you just want to write blog posts for fun, having a free theme it’s enough. But if you want to make money through ads and affiliates programs you should consider buying a Premium Theme. One of the most popular themes is Divi From Elegant Themes.


Investing in a good social media tool will help you not only to save a lot of time but to get you a lot of visitors. Since I personally start using Tailwind I got 300% more visits on my blog after just 5 days. You can get 30 days Free Trial on Tailwind through this link and $15 bonus. After the trial period ends you can decide if want to pay $15 per month, which is one of the best investments for your blog.


To have an email marketing automation tool is crucial for your blog. I recommend using ConvertKit. You can test it for 14 days for free, then you have to pay $29/month if you have up to 1000 subscribers.


The best SEO tool to have is Yoast SEO. It is a WordPress plugin, which helps you to write every post and keep it SEO friendly. In this way, there are higher chances that your post to be index better by search engines and get more visits. Yoast SEO is free to use and a Premium version which gives you more useful features.


There are new things to learn every day. The most important thing for you is to enjoy the process. Online courses are a great way to gain knowledge in a lot of blogging related subjects. Udemy is the place to go.

What other investment have you made for your blog?

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