These Solutions Can Help Women Weather the Impact of the Recession

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Hello! Today, I have a great article to share about the current pandemic affecting women’s jobs and online money-making opportunities. When Sarah approached me with the guest post idea, I had to say yes because I thought it would be interesting to learn more about it.  You can check out her blog – to read more. Enjoy!

With the changes in the economy in recent months, women are at a severe disadvantage. You may have lost your job or been unable to find one because of the coronavirus, but there’s more at play than just a global pandemic. There are ways to recoup your lost income from home—but there are also facts you should know about when it comes to weathering the recession as a woman.

Are You Feeling the Impact?

Many women are experiencing more significant effects from the recession than men. Women are losing their jobs at a higher rate than their male counterparts, notes Pew Research Center, meaning there’s a bigger need for work-at-home opportunities now more than ever.

Not only that but moms, especially, are shouldering much of the burden around the house. When it comes to not only childcare and household tasks, but also work outside the home, women are facing bigger obstacles and a bigger workload.

What Can Women Do?

The answer to how women can fight back is simple: stay home—and still make an income. Whether you’re staying home for health reasons or because you have children to care for, there are countless opportunities for both moms and dads to earn an income without leaving home.

Head Online for Opportunities

Virtual careers are all the rage and for good reason. You can spend a few hours a day at your computer and earn a part- or full-time income. Before heading online, however, it pays to make sure you have the right equipment. Check your internet speed and determine whether you’ll need to upgrade to handle your online work.

Then, make sure to protect yourself from online security risks such as identity theft. Navigating digital security requires a combination of cybersecurity tools and a bit of know-how to avoid scams. Protecting yourself is essential as there are as many fake jobs online as there are legitimate work-from-home opportunities.

A few online opportunities that are simple to get started with include:

You can also find freelance positions at online job boards like Upwork; from writing to web development, customer service, and more.

Choose Flexible From-Home Work

If working online isn’t your ideal way to work from home, you have other options. Consider these ideas and whether they’re right for your skillset and lifestyle.

Babysit for Other Families

If you have young children (or even if you don’t), babysitting might be a great way to earn extra cash. Many families rely heavily on childcare to be able to maintain their careers. Depending on your state and how many children you watch, you may not need licensing, either. However, it is smart to take CPR and first aid courses so you can handle any emergencies that may arise.

Pet Sitting for Furry Friends

If you love animals, pet sitting might be the perfect option for earning at-home income. Whether the pets come to you or your head to others’ homes, spending time with animals is a fun and rewarding way to work. Dog walking is also a part-time work opportunity that doesn’t involve clocking in at an office.

Start Serving Students as a Tutor

While many tutors offer virtual lessons, in-person support is also in high demand. From elementary grade children to college undergrads, you can tutor at any grade level you have the expertise for. Whether you possess a teaching credential or simply specialized knowledge in a particular subject, becoming a tutor might be the perfect fit for your skillset.

Rev-Up Your Sewing Machine

If you’re a crafter, becoming an at-home seamstress may be a great career move. Anything you can sew—from clothes to bedding to cloth toys—can become a profitable business model. You can advertise your services for mending or tailoring garments through word of mouth or take commissions from your community. With e-commerce platforms for all types of handmade products, you can easily find an online home for your goods, too.

Surviving—let alone thriving—during the recession is a challenge. And while women are facing many more struggles than men, working from home affords all families many opportunities. All it takes is the motivation to get started, and you can begin making money without ever leaving home.

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