How to Travel on a Budget: My 5 Best Tips

Last Updated on August 24, 2020 by Road To Free Life

You love traveling but saving money for your dream vacation always gives you a headache? I will tell you 5 tips for how you can travel more with less money.

1. Chose the best time to travel

First of all, try to plan your vacation in extra-season like in the late months of autumn: especially in November or in the middle of spring when flight tickets are much cheaper. You can check for best price flight tickets and also you will enjoy the fact that in these months the lines at many tourist attractions are smaller than usual. So you save money and time as well.

2.Low-cost flights

If you want to visit Europe you should know that in all European countries are low-cost flight airlines like WizzAir, BlueAir which “help” you to check your travel wishlist. For example, you can buy a flight from Romania to Italy at 10$, or from London to Paris at 13$.

3. Find the best places to stay

For bookings, I recommend travel in 22 countries in the last 3 years and in 90% of my trips I used Also after you make and complete 5 bookings on the site you become a genius member and this status gives you special gifts like breakfast for free, check-in, and check-out hours more flexible and lower price for your next bookings at many hotels.

4. Chose interesting destinations

When you love to travel on a budget and don’t have an exact destination which you like to visit, try to see countries and cities in Europe that are not so popular. You will be surprised how many beautiful cities are in Europe like Cracovia in Poland, Sibiu in Romania, Belgrade in Serbia, and many others which are perfect for budget trips. In eastern Europe are many beautiful countries with history, the seaside, mountains and also the prices for bookings, food, tourist attractions, gasoline are cheaper than in central and western Europe.

5. Pack properly

Make sure you bring everything you need so that you don’t have to shop while you’re away (apart from a few souvenirs). No matter where you’re heading, take at least one pair of long jeans, a warm hoodie, and a waterproof jacket for unpredictable weather incidents.



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