How To Make Money Fast

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I remember when I first search on google “how to make money fast”. At the time, I didn’t know anything about how to make money online. The last thing you want is to end up make meaningless tasks for low pay or even sites that don’t pay at all. Ten years fast forward, I manage to create multiple online businesses making much more than I ever imagined that I could make online.

When you’re looking to make money fast, you’re often in a tough spot financially. If that’s the case, I highly recommend you to get a job and try the things you’ll find in this article as a side hustle.  Here’s the truth no one wants to talk about: Learning how to make money can improve your finances much better than learning how to save money.

How to Make Money Fast

1. Complete surveys online

This method requires about a month until you get the first check or payment. The best site for online surveys is Swagbucks. You can create a free account and start making money right away.

2. Rent a room in your home.

Renting a room in your house will not make you rich, but will definitely put you some extra money in your pocket. A median monthly income for an Airbnb user is $924, but I have some friends who are renting out rooms and making thousands of dollars each month. All you have to do is to create an Airbnb account, add some photos and some information about the room, and you are ready to go.

3. Sell your photos

Do you enjoy photography? Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can still make extra money selling pictures you have taken. There are a few websites who pay you based on how often your work is downloaded. The best site for selling your photos is Shutterstock.

4. Become A Proofreader

There is a huge open market for proofreaders, so if you are a passionate reader and want to correct every comma or grammar mistake in online articles, books or newspapers then you might be the right person for this kind of job. Proofreading Services is a great website to start.

5. Clean homes

If all the above doesn’t really suit you, then consider cleaning homes for money. It’s an easy job to get and it pays okay for what you do. You can use websites like Craigslist to offer your services or check out HomeJoy.

6. Walk dogs

Yes, walking dogs for money is a real thing. Check out to get the scoop.

7. Do Laundry

Yes, that’s right, Laundry. You can make up to $500 a week doing it. It’s an ongoing chore that we all do, but some don’t have the time but do have the money so outsourcing is the normal way. is the website where you can apply for this job and start making money.


But the best way to earn money is to make your own blog. You need to invest just about $200, to get a hosting and some graphics from Fiverr. Because I brought the hosting plan from Bluehost, I got the domain for free. You can start your own blog and if you are using this link to sign up on Bluehost, you will also get a free domain. Also, if you need help, you can check out my free tutorial about how to start a blog very easily.

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  1. I think the best way to make some fast money is to rent your house on airbnb. I’m doing it since 2015 and made a ton of money

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